The purpose of signage is to communicate, and convey information designed to assist the receiver with decision-making based on the information provided. There is also promotional signage that can be used to persuade receivers one way for a given product or service. Vinyl sign printing is an excellent source of marketing. Being highly effective, affordable, and practical they are must haves for conventions, trade shows, political rallies, and so many other things. A lot of times schools will even use them. Whether it is making banners for sponsors, sporting events, or even just different school events, signage is a popular tool. You will also see stores and restaurants that put them up for different promotions as well. 


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Vinyl Sign and Business Sign Printing in Utah - Synergy Wraps

 Why Choose Us for Your Sign Printing Needs in Utah

When it comes to sign printing, the possibilities are endless. You can design one for just about any event. But you don’t just want any sign. You need a high quality, effective, and affordable print. And here at Synergy that is just what we do.  We make sure to take care of all of your needs from business related signs and graphics to athletic signs and everything in between. 


Most Popular Types of Signs in Utah 

With so many different types of signs available, there will always be one that fits your needs. Here is a closer look at the different types of signs that can be printed: 


Vinyl Signs

Being one of the most popular and commonly used materials for making signs, Vinyl is a material that is backed with adhesive, like a big sticker, and can be applied on a sign. It has the ability to be cut in different sizes and shapes. One of the nice things about vinyl is that there are multiple types of it. For example, there is an indoor vinyl. This is about 13oz lightweight and dependable for indoor projects. And there is also an outside vinyl that is 15 oz rugged and is weather, water, and fade resistance. Depending on the need for the sign, we are able to find the correct material to work with the environment that it will be in. Vinyl signs are extremely effective and do not require too much to make. They work for so many different events and marketing strategies. 



Metal Signs

Metal signs will always be a big statement. There is a reason why you still continue to see them all over the place. Metal being one of the most resilient materials available, it’s no wonder why it is still commonly used for signs. Here are a couple reasons why people like using metals for their signs so much:


  • Customizable: there is quite a bit you can do with a metal sign. Before even having anything printed on it you can have it welded into the shape that you are looking for. There is room to get creative with metal signs. 


  • Eye catching: Having a metal sign can and will definitely turn some heads. It can be a very catching addition to your business or the event that you are using it for. You want a sign that will stick out and catch attention and metal signs can help with that.


  • Durability: As mentioned above, metal is one of the most durable materials there is. Using this for your sign helps eliminate the worries of it being weather resistant, or warping in the sun. You can put quite a bit of money into a sign and you want to make sure it is a good investment, and metal signs can do that for you. 




There is quite a bit that you can do with banners. These are definitely one of the more versatile signs that there are. Perfect for events whether business, or for sports, banners can be made in really any shape or size. They can be made huge to hang or be suspended somewhere. Typically large banners are very useful indoors, to help draw attention to a new area in a store, or a specific group of products.When you have a great deal of space in your store, it can be very effective to use several banners to help separate groups of products, or display new products. You can choose to attach them permanently to a wall, hang above an aisle, or an area anywhere inside your store. Or you can have smaller ones to just help point out different things. Small banners  are typically used as informational banners, or as product-specific sales tools. You can even display the picture of a new product on it, along with a brief promotional message. This small banner can then be displayed in front of the group of products or anywhere inside the store to let customers know about this sale. Either way, large or small banners can be a great promotional tool. 


Trade Show Signs

These can reach so many potential customers. At trade shows visuals can be everything. As people walk around you want something that will grab their attention even as simple as it might be. The goal at trade shows is to get your business as much exposure as possible and signs definitely help with that. They will help boost your brand visibility. You are also able to showcase new products and different features of them just by hanging signs. One sign can speak a thousand words. 



LED Signs

These will definitely help turn some heads. When speaking about signage needing to reach people LED light signs are no exception. The bright colors are such a big attraction that you can use to your business’s advantage. Here are some of the reasons why people are such big fans of LED signs:


  • Brighter: Because these signs are much brighter than most, business owners love using them outside because they know their chances of having this sign seen amongst others is pretty high. 


  • Cost Effective: Although LED can be a little pricey upfront, in the long run they still are cheaper. This is because you do not have to constantly reprint signs when you need different things promoted. You are able to control what your LED light says without needing a new one every time. 


  • Versatility: Being able to update/change your sign as needed right from the computer definitely is a big pro with these signs. 
  • Less maintenance: With a lot of other signs you have to worry about the weather warping them or shaking loose and falling out of place. With LEDs that is not an issue. Much sturdier than most, these signs can withstand a lot and go a long time without burning out. 


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Additional FAQs – Sign Printing in Utah

How much does a sign cost?

The price of a sign can really vary depending on they type you want printed, how much is going on it, and how complicated the design of it is. On average it is pretty normal to see steel signs cost about $20-$30 per sq ft while aluminum,plastic, and vinyl signs are usually between $10-$20 a sq ft. Neon lighting is amongst the highest pricing of anywhere between $200-$2000. 


Where do you install large vinyl signs?

You really are able to get creative with it. You want to find somewhere that will maximize its capability of being seen. Whether it’s hanging off the front of your business or right as you walk in, there are a lot of different options that can help it be seen. 


Do I need a permit for a business sign?

This definitely varies depending on where you are located or even where you are wanting to hang your sign. You will want to check within your city limits if that is specifically required for your business area. 


How to make a sign for my business?

Whatever the goal of your sign may be, you want to make sure you think out the design carefully so that it can successfully reach people. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when styling your sign:

  • Use big and bold font
  • Write a simple enough message to quickly reach people but emphasize certain parts of it with bold lettering. 
  • Create high contrast to make your sign head turning 
  • Use the best image(s), one big image to help draw attention is better than a bunch of smaller images


Why do I need a sign for my business?

Using signs to help promote and market your business and brand is beneficial in more ways than one. By putting up a sign you can reach thousands of people without even having to go out there and talk to them. Finding visible areas to portray your signs greatly increases your companies’ visibility.