Truck Wraps For Salt Lake City, Utah

What Is A Truck Wrap?

Truck wraps are vinyl graphics that you can get professionally applied to cover the entire vehicle or just smaller portions, like the doors or hood. The designs of the vinyl decals are fully customizable, allowing you to display any information you need to attract and capture potential customers. All of our wraps are a vinyl wrap.


Incorporate the company, colors, branding, fonts, and much more to match the business and be recognizable on the road. Everyone knows the UPS trucks or the local food trucks because of the custom and familiar wraps that identify them. Wrapping your fleet is an unquestionable investment in your business that can return priceless exposure and brand recognition while your vehicles are on the road.


How much does it cost to wrap your truck? Keep reading below. It may surprise you how affordable this marketing investment is, and traffic jams might not be so bad anymore!

Custom Truck Wrap Ideas

Company Truck Wrap

Perfect for any size company! Start using the wrapped vehicle for business and watch the public trust in your company explode. When neighbors see your company truck helping other neighbors, that is likely whom they will call. There is some unspoken trust just because they know their neighbors trusted that company. Think about all the wrapped trucks you see around: Construction Companies, Landscapers, Plumbers, and Pest Control. 


Company Box Truck Wrap

If your company uses a box truck but does not have it wrapped, that is a substantial missed opportunity. Because of the size of box trucks, they are already eye-catching. Add to the captivation with fascinating art and graphics to ensure that everyone you drive around knows you are there. Here is some inspiration to get you thinking about box truck wrap ideas: Food Trucks, Logistics Companies, Electricians, and Construction Trucks.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Truck?

The cost to wrap a truck can vary. The primary factor for price is whether you are doing a partial wrap (doors or hood, etc.) or a full truck wrap; and the vehicle size. Other smaller factors, like design complexity and material, can affect the cost. Below are some ballpark prices for a complete and a partial wrap for your truck.


  • Partial Wrap: $300+
  • Complete Wrap: $2-5k

Benefits of Truck Wrapping

Having your truck wrapped creates a constant mobile advertisement, grabbing everyone’s attention and letting them know you exist and what you do! For many businesses, the exposure from wrapping their vehicle is essential for capturing new clients and brand recognition.


The audience you can reach with a truck wrap is larger and more targeted, leading to more business. If your trucks do not have a wrap, they are just another car on the road.


The average American drives 10,900 miles, spending 290 hours on the road. That is a ton of potential exposure and business. With the growing population in Utah, having a truck wrap in Salt Lake City could be the key to growing your business and getting the clients you need.


The roads are getting more crammed with cars every day! The number of people you drive by increases every day in Salt Lake. Every one of those cars has at least one potential customer.


There are a few more benefits of getting your truck wrapped that you may not have considered. The next most substantial advantage is the vinyl layer protects the original paint from scratches, rock chips, and sun damage.


Not only does it shield the vehicle, but it can refresh the look of the truck. Many prefer to wrap their car for a fresh look instead of getting a new paint job. It is clean and flexible! You always have the availability to take it off.


Perhaps you want to switch up some colors for fun, or maybe you need to update some business info. Even if you decide you are done with it and do not want a wrap after getting one, the choices are yours!

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How long do Truck Wraps last?

Truck wraps typically last between 3 to 7 years, depending on various factors such as the quality of the vinyl material used, the level of maintenance, and the exposure to harsh weather conditions. High-quality vinyl wraps, when properly cared for, can maintain their vibrant appearance and effectiveness for several years.


How long does it take to install a truck wrap?

The installation time for a truck wrap can vary based on the size of the vehicle, the complexity of the design, and the level of experience of the installers. Generally, a professional installation team can complete a truck wrap within a few days. However, for larger or more intricate designs, the process may take longer. It’s best to consult with our experts at Synergy Graphics for a more accurate estimation based on your specific truck and design requirements.

Which Parts of A Truck Can You Wrap?

At Synergy Graphics, we offer comprehensive truck wrap solutions that can cover various parts of a truck. You can wrap the entire truck, including the sides, back, and front, to create a cohesive and eye-catching design. Additionally, individual truck components such as the hood, roof, doors, windows, and bumpers can be wrapped to enhance branding and advertising opportunities. Our team can work with you to determine the best strategy and ensure all desired parts are covered.

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