Synergy Wraps is located in Murray, UT and creates eye-catching, durable vehicle wraps, graphics, lettering, and decals to improve your business visibility and get your brand noticed in and around Salt Lake City!


Custom car wraps and graphics have a lower cost per impression than any other marketing method. Your marketing message is seen everywhere you and your staff travel, whether you are delivering goods, visiting clients in their home, or simply running errands or stuck in traffic on I-15.


As experts in the Art of Being Seen, our team knows how to get maximum visibility for your marketing message and brand in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We are here to help you with all aspects of the car wrapping process, from design to installation, for any number or type of vehicles your business uses.


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Salt Lake City Vehicle Wraps

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What is a Vehicle or Car Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a large decal or vinyl graphic that is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of this vinyl car wrap allows one to change their vehicle’s appearance or color in a very short period of time. You are also able to remove the wrap if necessary and return the vehicle back to the original condition. Vinyl vehicle wraps consist of three phases. The first is the designing phase which is getting accurate measurements of the vehicle and for the graphics that will be applied. The next step is the production phase where the graphic is then printed and laminated to the vinyl from any abrasions or UV rays that could in turn cause the graphic to fade over time. And the last phase is when the installation actually takes place. The fact that car wraps are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and finishes, makes them a very popular choice. Just about any color you can think of can be wrapped on your vehicle. A lot of times vehicle owners choose a unique color or that will stand out and grab peoples’ attention. At Synergy Wraps, we help you with custom vehicle wraps for your car, truck, or van. Create the perfect commercial wrap for your brand awareness or to personalize your car! 


The difference between a full car wrap and a partial car wrap?

A full car wrap consists of printed vinyl being applied to the entire exterior of a car which includes even the windows, hood, sides, and even the roof in some cases. Now anything that is less than a full wrap is referred to as a partial vehicle wrap. A half partial wrap typically includes the complete rear of the vehicle and then halfway up the vehicle. This is also including a hood logo. And a three-quarters partial wrap will have the entire rear of the vehicle wrapped, as well as most the way up the vehicle and has a hood logo.  


What We Offer

We offer custom wrapping of all types of vehicles. Some of these include:

Truck Wraps

Trailer Wraps

Food Truck Wraps

Fleet Wraps

And more! Whether you have one vehicle or multiple vehicles you want to wrap in Salt Lake City, these are just a few of the many types of wraps we can do.


The Benefits of Vehicle Wraps by Synergy Wraps



Whether you have a car wrap design already or need one created, our Salt Lake City in-house team is here to help. Our creative designers will create an effective marketing piece for your business. We understand that your vehicle wrap is going to make 1000’s of first impressions for your business & our team will insure that those impressions are giving your business the image it deserves. We offer a FREE vehicle wrap design consultation, this gives you an opportunity to sit down with one of our designers and work up some ideas & concepts to get the design process started for a custom vehicle wrap. Once you have the concept ready our designers will put the finishing touches on the mock up and get you a proof to view, from there you can make changes until it’s perfect! Once it’s approved by you we’ll schedule the install and get it printing.



Synergy Grafix uses some of the latest printing technology to ensure your vinyl graphics look the best. We have multiple full-color HP latex printers. Our printers will produce amazing colors and high resolution graphics that POP when installed on your vehicle. We print all our wraps on the highest quality print setting giving you clean & professional prints. other shops will print on a production mode for faster print speed but giving you grainy looking prints. 



Our installers are all about QUALITY, there are no shortcuts when it comes to installation & our team of trained / certified installers ensure the wrap will last for the duration of its life. Our installation process is very detailed and systematic, from the multi step cleaning process to the more than 20 point quality check process once the wrap is installed. Our wraps WILL NOT FAIL. 



Having bright and attractive vehicle wraps will help with making your company’s vehicles stand out from the other vehicles. Most of the time drivers will not pay too much attention to the vehicles next to them. But when you have a vehicle wrap on your car, it grabs peoples’ attention, creating a lasting impression. The wraps are very engaging and they make peoples’ eyes gravitate naturally to them. Depending on how much you drive and the distance being traveled every day, it’s possible to reach 10,000 to 100,000 or more people each month. Having a vehicle wrapped, you are able to reach a much bigger audience as opposed to just about any other type of advertising. 



We understand wraps can be a big investment for a company or person, that is why we have the best quality assurance in the industry. By using the Highest Quality 3M, Avery Dennison & Arlon wrap materials and laminates we KNOW our wraps will last & remove clean without damaging your OEM paint. With our FREE “wrap check ups” we ensure your wrap looks as good on year 5 as it does in year 1.


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Testimonials of Vehicle Wraps in Utah 

“I have worked with them for years and their work has always been high quality. In fact, they have guided my ideas on designs to help me come up with something far better than I was thinking initially. They are very good at the work they do but are exceptional at giving advice on improving the image of my company. Some of the stuff they advised me on has led to an increase in the amount of customers reaching out to us.”

E Brown, Salt Lake City, Utah


“I got my company car wrapped and it was fast and well done! The staff there truly take care of you and make you feel like you are the world to them. They take care of you!”

Bronson Sommerfeld, Sandy, Utah


Car Wraps FAQs 


How much does it usually cost to wrap a car?

Depending on the design that you are wanting printed and wrap can all be deciding factors on the cost. As well as if you are doing a full or partial wrap. General, a full wrap costs $2,000—$5,000. Wrapping parts of the car, such as the hood or roof, typically costs $300 and up.


How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Depending on the conditions the car is in, a properly wrapped vehicle can last anywhere from 5-7 years with minor maintenance needed.


Can you remove a vehicle wrap after it’s applied?

Yes, it is possible to remove a wrap.


Is it easy to remove vehicle wrap?

It is not difficult. If the vehicle has been wrapped with a high-quality car wrap vinyl then the removal process is very easy. All that you need is a heat source, preferably a heat gun, some experience and a lot of patience. 


How to wrap a vehicle?

If looking to save a little bit of money you can wrap the vehicle yourself. Here is an overview of the steps that you need to follow in order to properly ensure the vehicle is wrapped correctly. 

  • Prepare and clean vehicle
  • Take measurements and cut
  • Lay the wrap 
  • Cut the vinyl wrap
  • Tuck the edges 
  • Heat the wrap and set


Is it better to wrap or paint a car?

There are pros and cons to both of them. If you car is needing a new paint job, you should not just choose to have it wrapped because wrapping over old peeling paint will show through the wrap. Now if your paint is still intact then wrapping is always a good idea because it will still keep the condition of the paint underneath intact so that if you decide to remove the wrap and have the original color of the car show you can.


Is it cheaper to wrap or paint a car?

Wraps are often cheaper. However like we mentioned above, it’s definitely a good idea to make the paint is in good condition before you wrap a car.


Can you wrap a leased car?

You always want to read your contract first before deciding if you are wanting to go through with that. Different contracts will allow for different car decals. Also want to make sure the car was not just freshly painted.  


Does a vinyl car wrap damage your car?

No. Vinyl wrap does not damage your car. It is completely safe to apply to any type of paint.


How to wash a wrapped vehicle?

You will want to use a soft sponge and hand wash the vehicle with a car wash solution. Make sure to rinse soapy water off with water and then dry it with low microfiber fabric. Be gentle when wiping the sensitive areas of the door handles , mirrors, moldings, and seams.


Can you wrap my truck?

Yes! We wrap vehicles of all vehicle types.


Which is better, a full or partial car wrap?

Both forms of wrap are a very effective way to advertise. Yes, one is cheaper than the other, but at the same time both methods can be very beneficial to you getting your brand out there and drawing attention to it. A partial wrap is more eco-friendly since it uses less material than a full wrap. The nice thing about them though is you are able to easily tweak the message without affecting the whole car if needed. A full wrap will be covering every inch of your car. Practically changing the color of your car completely. A partial wrap on the other hand will still show most of the original color/paint of your car.