Stand out in high-traffic settings with a custom trade show display that makes the most of every angle and opportunity. Now you can make an impression that lasts long after your big event. These displays are specifically designed to help boost your business and out market your competition.


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What are custom trade show displays?

Custom trade show displays are meant to have a meaningful punch and draw people in. It is one of the first things they will see about your brand and you want it to have a lasting impression.They carry out a message that allows people to have a straight and to the point idea about what it is you can offer them. Having an effective custom trade show display will not only inform and educate but entertain as well. Displays must capture the attention of your audience and engage them. You need a custom exhibit that highlights your brand, and showcases what you have to offer, and Synergy Wraps can help with that.  

Trade Show Booth Design Essentials

These big, bold pieces can help you get noticed among other tables and displays – setting you apart from the rest.

Trade Show Displays

Custom Event Tent:

10×10 Custom Event Tent with frame perfect for any outdoor or indoor event. Where you want your brand to be seen. Starting price $749.00

Table Trow:

Our custom printed table cover is a great table topper for trade shows, exhibitions, and any other presentations. Starting at $135.00

Tension Fabric Stand:

Tension Fabric Stands are the latest in indoor stand-alone advertising. With double sided print options this is a perfect option for your next trade show or event. Starting price $225.00

Feather Angled Flag:

The Feather Angled Flag is suitable for indoor and outdoor events. Effectively advertise your logo or message with our large feather angled flag. Starting price $135.00 

Retractable Stand:

Retractable Banner Stands are lightweight and portable. This stand is a convenient and professional way to showcase your products and services at your next trade show or event. Starting price $179.00


Benefits of custom trade show displays

Here’s a look at just how these displays can be used to your advantage:

1. You’ll give an unforgettable first impression.

There is such a big importance associated with first impressions. According to psychologists it is almost impossible to come back from a bad first impression. You want to nail it right off the bat. When it comes to trade shows with so much other competition going on right there at the same time you want your business forefront to be right at the front of your mind and you do not want to leave anything up for chance. You want your exhibit to stand out. Being able to control the design of your booth you want to make sure you are aiming to impress the crowd.

2. Custom trade show displays can elevate your ROI.

When you go with a custom trade show display and make it as unique to your brand as possible, you are creating something that can be used again even after the trade show takes place. Say there is another conference or event where your custom display would work perfectly for setting your brand out there. You are definitely getting your investments worth if you are able to continually market and grow your business with your custom display. 

3. You’ll increase engagement from booth visitors.

These displays are made to draw in visitors from every angle. You want to display your products in the most visually appealing way to peak the interest of everyone watching. Having good visuals can help someone have a great experience therefore helping create better engagement from them. Keep this in mind when designing the layout for your display. Find ways to allow for personal connections because the more people can personalize things and relate to them, the more likely they are to engage positively. 

4. You’ll set your brand apart from other competitors.

You never want to blend into a crowd. Setting your business apart from all the others is something that you are very well capable of doing. Going with a custom trade show display you will be able to display and market your brand in your very own unique way. Increase the visibility of your display by getting creative with the design so that it does not just look like the one right next to it.


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Trade Show Booth Ideas to Stand Out

In order to have your display stand out amongst the other competitors you need to be unique with your design and think outside the box. Find creative ways to capture potential customers’ attention and keep them engaged and wanting to find out more just by looking at your display. Here are some of the best ways to achieve this: 

Trade Show Displays in Utah - Stand Out from Your Competition - Syngery Wraps

Tell your brand’s unique story.

Most displays around you will make sure to have the company name and logo big enough for everyone to see. But what they tend to forget is finding a way to tell the story of how the business came to be. Having something personal like that will give people something to engage with and find out just how much your brand means to you. When thinking of how you want to explain the beginning of your company here are a couple good questions to ask yourself.

        • Why did our founder create our company in the first place? What was the problem he or she aimed to solve?
        • Why should customers trust us? What expertise or authority do we contribute to our industry?
        • Why do we do what we do and what drives our work?
        • Why should our customers choose our product or service over a competitor’s?

Use 3 bright colors to draw attention to the booth.

Having bright colors can help set the exhibits mood. It will instantly catch their eye especially if you arrange certain colors to accentuate different parts of the display.

Make sure one clear theme is apparent throughout all the messaging.

You want to make a clear and forward message throughout the display so that people can understand the message you are trying to get across. Keeping it simple, straightforward, and consistent, will help people follow along and relate more to the brand. 

Make sure to leave some empty space in your display.

Designing your display you want to maximize your area but at the same time you do not want to crowd it with too many details. Incorporating some empty space helps create a more appealing display and allows readers attention to be drawn to the important messages. 

Host an interactive product demonstration.

Once you catch the attention of people with the design of your display you want to keep them engaged. Providing them with some sort of interactive display of products you offer allows them to have more of a hands on experience which can help your business better resonate with them.


Turn your trade show display into a confident introduction to your one-of-a-kind business.

Ready to cut through the noise and competition at trade shows or promotional events? Our fully customizable trade show supplies are here to help. You can now create a professional, matching look across your entire trade show booth design, from large backdrops and banners to smaller signage for table displays. Ready with your cohesive display, you can approach every interaction with a sense of confidence that gets noticed.

To start creating your ideal trade show booth design, think about the size and scope of the events you attend. Is your table display in the middle of a large expo center? Give yourself a backdrop with a branded pop-up display – you can add your business name, logo and colors. Or stand out to passersby by with a retractable banner, which you can set up in just 90 seconds. Working with wall space? Make the most of it by hanging a bright and inviting vinyl banner. In any instance, you can continue to develop your look with trade show table covers that feature your logo and website URL. Finally, tie it all together with tabletop signs that promote special event giveaways or recent customer testimonials – and get ready to start making connections.

Additional FAQs – Trade Show Displays in Utah

What is a trade show?

It is an exhibition that is organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate some of their latest products and services, and then meet with other industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Do trade shows pay off?

It really just depends on the show. Some can be extremely successful for some while for others it might just be a time to get their name out and make connections with others. You get out of it what you put into it so the more effort and time you put into designing your display and coming up with different ways to positively interact with others will only benefit you. 

How to set up a booth for a trade show?  

When setting up your booth you want to maximize customer interaction right away. Here are a couple of tips to help you engage people:

  • Make your booth stand out
  • Demonstrate your product
  • Stay active on social media
  • Bring in your best clients 
  • Host games, surveys, or quizzes 

How to collect leads at a trade show?

There are multiple ways to collect leads from trade shows. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Paper forms: easy to create and use. Only downside is that sometimes it may take a little while for someone to fill it out and there are quicker options.
  • Business card collection: commonly seen at trade shows are fish bowls for people to put their business cards in as they walk by. This is a good method for people entering competitions but can be a little difficult for other purposes because it can take a while to enter business cards into the system and then follow up
  • Business card scanning: one of the more popular options. It is a quick process and does not require having to hang on to as much paper/information. 

What to wear to a trade show?

You want to dress to impress. Just like first impressions with your display are important, so will your appearance be. Slacks and a collared shirt are always a good outfit. Or other business formal attire. Be aware that you will be on your feet a lot walking around and interacting with others so you want shoes that are comfortable but also match the rest of your formal attire.