Tips for Caring for Your Cars Wrap in Utah’s Winters

Winter months are almost here, which means you should start prepping your car and home for the cold weather! Got some vinyl wraps? Give them extra care, so they remain, not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing even after Utah’s cold winters. To learn some tips on how to take care of your car and fleet wraps, keep scrolling!

Car Wraps: Knowing the Basics

Car wraps refer to large vinyl decals directly applied to your vehicle’s painted surfaces. The outcome is a new, more vibrant appearance. You can choose from glossy, matte, gradient colors, and other design options. The wrap is removable, so you can quickly return it to its original look. You can also opt for a partial or full car wrap. Full car wraps include the whole exterior, including the windows, sides, hood, and roof. Meanwhile, partial car wraps cover 25% to 75% of your car. You can have wraps applied on the whole rear window or only the sides.

A Grand View Research report indicated a $1.1 billion market size of car wraps in the U.S. and an expected growth of 17.4%. These figures suggest that more car owners and businesses are maximizing the advantages of using car wraps. These include a more professional and captivating look, bigger marketing opportunities, and cost-effectiveness.

How To Maintain Your Car Wrap During Utah’s Cold Winters

Car wraps are naturally durable and usually last for five to seven years. However, you should take the necessary steps to increase their longevity and keep their aesthetics. To do this, perform the following steps:

Get Rid of Road Salt

Given that road salt is corrosive, leaving it on your car wrap for a long time results in damage. Get rid of road salt as soon as you can. If you’re using your car regularly, consider washing it once a week. Make sure to wipe the areas that are more exposed to salt. This way, the salt won’t build up, discolor, and ruin your car wrap’s design. If you can’t do hand washing, consider using a touchless or brushless automatic car wash.

Address Scratches and Holes Immediately

If you find some scratches, cuts, or holes in your car wrap, get it fixed immediately. Do not wait for warmer weather in Utah to have your vehicle checked. Otherwise, the problems get worse, leading to you spending more money than you would have had to had you acted sooner. So, have the damages — no matter how small — inspected so they can be remedied as soon as possible. A minor touch-up is still more cost-effective than repairing bigger holes or getting a whole new car wrap.

Keep Your Car in a Covered Shelter

Another way to protect your car wrap during cold weather is by keeping it in your garage or any covered shelter. Doing so keeps your vehicle safe from fallen trees or branches. It also protects against snow and ice, thus avoiding any damage from your wrap, windshield, or the car itself. In case you don’t have a covered parking area, consider using a fabric cover as an alternative.

Do Not Pressure Wash

Peeling, fading, and cracking will likely result from pressure washing. As much as possible, avoid pressure washing. Instead, hand wash to keep your car wrap clean and well-maintained. If you think pressure washing is necessary, make sure to use the lowest setting. Also, make sure to maintain a reasonable distance from the car if pressure washing.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Cleaning your car while it’s freezing cold outside is likely the last thing you want to do, but this little sacrifice will help keep your car wrap lasting longer. Clean your car at least once every two weeks to get rid of ice, road salt, and mud. Keep your vinyl wrap free from tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, and other things that leave stains on your car. Do not use firm brushes or strong chemical cleaners as these can damage the vinyl. Rather, use soap, sponge, and warm water to gently clean your car wrap.

Do Not Use a Scraper

In Utah, a snow depth of one to three feet is normal. Using a scraper may sound like a typical way to get rid of ice, especially when you’re rushing to work. However, it can be a threat to your car wrap. It will leave scratches and peel the wrap. Instead of using a snow shovel or ice scraper, use a soft cloth and brush. Also, take advantage of your car’s window defroster to get rid of the snow and ice without risking your wrap’s condition.

Best Car Wrap Maintenance: Work With the Experts

When in doubt, ask a car wrap business what their opinion is, but Whether you use car wraps for your business or simply want to enhance the look of your vehicle, you should keep them well maintained, this way they last for several years. You can achieve this by performing regular cleaning, avoiding pressure washing and scrapers, securing covered parking, and following more tips mentioned above. Adopting these practices will also help you save time and money in the long run.

In case your car wrap fails to withstand Utah’s cold winters, it’s crucial to get a new car wrap from a trusted and certified wrap installer like Synergy Wraps. Using cutting-edge car wrap printing technology and materials, we ensure both design and durability. Contact us today, and enjoy one of our high-quality car wraps!

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