Car Wrap vs. Paint Job – Which is best for you?

Wrapping vs. Painting Your Car – How do you decide?

In recent years, vehicle wraps have become a great and affordable way to upgrade the look of your car. Vinyl vehicle wraps usually have an adhesive backing for attaching the wrap to the car and a laminated coat to protect the surface of the vinyl. While vehicle wraps usually only take about three days to install, custom paint jobs can take quite a while to finish. 


Paint jobs typically involve removing the old paint and applying multiple coats of the new paint. For a good quality paint job, this process can take upwards of 2-3 weeks. When wrapping a car, all you’d need is to wash and dry the vehicle, then begin applying the wrap. Although both are great options for upgrading the look of your vehicle, let’s look further into which would be a better fit.


What are your needs?

While a paint job can be an excellent choice for your personal vehicle, it is a long-term commitment. One great advantage of vinyl wraps is that they can be removed for a reasonable cost and without damaging the paint underneath the wrap. Another advantage of wraps is that the wraps can be removed very easily. This makes them both an incredible option for business owners looking to do some advertising and a good option for those who might be considering reselling the vehicle in the future.


The Advantages of Car Wraps

As previously mentioned, car wraps have many advantages over painting your car. Wrapping your vehicle is already a much cheaper option than getting a custom paint job and is much more durable. A car wrap is much more resistant to scratches and other environmental factors, while a paint job is susceptible to getting chipped and fading away. This is especially valuable when working with fleets of vehicles or commercial fleets.


Car wraps also have the advantage of having a wider variety of designs. With car wraps, you can have holographic effects, change the texture of your car, and have logos and graphics written directly onto them. You also have the additional advantage of being able to quickly and easily change the wrap design.  


Swapping out a vinyl wrap is simple and gives you more freedom to customize your vehicle. One final thing about wrapping your car is how simple the maintenance is. Cleaning your vinyl wrap is super easy, and the wrap won’t fade or chip like how paint often does. 


When you might want a paint job

Although car wraps have many great things about them, some of you still might opt for a paint job. Paint jobs can be great for personal use, such as if you’re going for a multicolored look. Paint jobs can also last longer if done professionally, but that’ll cost you a lot more money than a vinyl wrap would. One thing to keep in mind with paint jobs would be the maintenance required to keep it looking pristine. With a paint job, you must wash your car consistently and avoid waxing to keep the paint from fading.


Choose Synergy Wraps for your Vehicle Wraps!   

Although there are people out there who will choose a paint job over a vehicle wrap for personal vehicles, in general, wraps are the best option out there. Wraps are superior for business owners looking to get some advertisements out there and are more durable and cheap. If you’re interested in getting your vehicle wrapped, come into Synergy Wraps, and let our professional team take care of all your needs!             

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